18U Knights


July 27, 2020 Update:

College Park is 100% optional and has no influence on making a team or playing time at a high schoolCollege Park is a travel program open to all players from all schools. We have been able to secure Willow Glen High School for a camp for those that are interested beginning the week of August 3rd. College Park will be following all county guidelines. Basically, with the current county guidelines it will be groups of 12 players to 1 coach for 3 weeks (no out of state travel or playing in another group). The plan is to eventually get live reps (pitchers throwing to a net with a live hitter) within these first 3 weeks. Position players will also be taking groundballs, flyballs, on-field batting practice and conditioning.


We will continue to adapt according to County guidelines and to what we believe is best for the players. So things could change after these 3 weeks, but we also could be doing camps for a while. We do not want to make any false promises about a schedule and timeline. Just know we are doing our best to safely improve the players. Currently we have no timeline for when games will return, but getting live at bats, facing live hitters and getting live defense is what we believe is most important for development. We are basically able to do what we normally would do in a game, in a controlled environment. There are events lined up if we are able to return to games, but those organizers aren’t sure if the event will happen.


For those that are would like to join the camp please fill out this- https://collegeparkball.com/player-application/ Cost for the 3 week camp will be $200 or $300 depending if we are able to get onto the field 2x or 3x a week. If cost is an issue please do not let that be a deterrent from attending the camp or playing for College Park. Please just let us know. There will be a few waivers to sign and return. Signups for the camp are on a first come first serve basis and could fill up.