Little League Practice Program

     Announcement! Due to covid-19 we have been delayed, but will be returning to play in the next few weeks! We will follow all Santa Clara County protocols and keep the players and their families as safe as possible. Currently there will be 12 players maximum per group and each coach will stay with the same group of 12 for 3 weeks. There are many more layers to this, but we are looking to add more players at the 12u and younger levels. To begin we will be hosting 3 week camps (3 practices/week) until there is a green light for games in Santa Clara County. We will then transition over to being a travel team for those interested. We only have a certain amount of coaches, so please sign up sooner then later. Unless a player was already signed up for our LL Practice Program, it will be on a first come first served basis for these camps. Please sign up for our 3 week summer camp by signing up here- Please sign up for a tryout for one of our travel teams by filling out out player profile- More specifics are on their way! Check back here to see updates.
     We are proud to introduce our first College Park practice program! Our program is designed to make Little League teams and players more competitive. Instead of competing with Little League for player’s time, we have decided to become more of a compliment to Little League. We’ve always pushed for players to play Little League in the past and tried to work the tournaments around Little League. Well, we have come to realize that just isn’t possible. We are now going to have a practice program that enables players to do both. Extra practices for those that really want to hone their skills and for kids that really just love the sport. Our professional coaches are solely there to make each player better.
     There will be 2 practices a week. One at Willow Glen High School and one at Bellarmine. Each Bellarmine practice will be about developing individual skills at each player’s position. Each Willow Glen practice will be more team oriented (if there are enough players), meaning 2-ball, cuts & relays, situations or even live reps. So the more players we can get out to the practices the better! The practice schedule will be added soon. Generally practices will be run February- June on Wednesdays at Willow Glen and Thursdays at Bellarmine. Each practice will be 1.5 hours. Early on (Feb, March), there is not much daylight, so practices will be spent with more time in the cages. These dates are subject to change with the High schools using the fields. So make sure to check in often for schedule changes.
      We will be offering different packages in order to sign up. Each package is designed to supplement Little League. We know much of the time LL practices may coincide with CP practices. You may sign up below for the LL Practice Program. You may sign up here- to tryout for the tournament team. Payment may be made by cash or by check to College Park Baseball.
Wednesday February 5th 5:30-7pm @ Bellarmine
Saturday February 8th 2-3:30pm @ Bellarmine
Wednesday February 12th 5:30-7pm @ Bellarmine
Saturday February 15th 2-3:30pm @ Bellarmine
Wednesday February 19th 5-6:30pm @ Willow Glen HS
Thursday February 20th 5:30-7pm @ Bellarmine
Wednesday February 26th 5-6:30pm @ Willow Glen HS
Thursday February 27th 5:30-7pm @ Bellarmine
Wednesday March 4th 5-6:30pm @ Willow Glen HS
Thursday March 5th 5:30-7pm @ Bellarmine
Tuesday March 10th 5:30-7pm @ Bellarmine
Wednesday March 11th 5:30-7pm @ Willow Glen HS
Wednesday March 18th 5:30-7pm @ Willow Glen HS
Thursday March 19th 5:30-7pm @ Bellarmine
Wednesday March 25th 5:30-7pm @ Willow Glen HS
Thursday March 26th 5:30-7pm @ Bellarmine
Wednesday April 1st 5:30-7pm @ Willow Glen HS
Thursday April 2nd 5:30-7pm @ Bellarmine
Wednesday April 8th 5:30-7pm @ Bellarmine
Wednesday April 15th 5:30-7pm @ Willow Glen HS
Wednesday April 22nd 5:30-7pm @ Willow Glen HS
Thursday April 23rd 5:30-7pm @ Bellarmine
Wednesday April 29th 5:30-7pm @ Willow Glen HS
Thursday April 30th 5:30-7pm @ Bellarmine
Package Details
All 40 practices- Cost is $1000 (average of $25/practice). Comes with a guaranteed roster spot on the tournament team (July-October). Also comes with a College Park hat!
Package of 8- Cost is $240 (average of $30/practice. Your son may attend any of our 8 practices.
Package of 4- Cost is $140 (average of $35/practice). Your son may attend any of our 4 practices
Single practice- Cost is $40/practice. Your son may attend any of our practices.
We are highly encouraging players to sign up for packages because we want to make sure we have players to do team drills and get individual instruction!

After filling out this form once, you do not need to fill it out for every practice or additional package. This form is just for first -time practice players. Thank you!