College Park Knights

Announcement! Announcement! 11u-14u Tryouts will be Saturday December 4th 10am- 12pm at Bellarmine. Tryouts are free. Sign-Up on our player application page.

If you are interested in trying out for any of the Knights teams please fill out a player application on the player application page.  The Summer/Fall season will run from the July through October.


College Park Knights are a youth baseball and softball club based in San Jose, CA. The CP Knights were founded in May of 2012 for High School aged players. The club is now open to players between the ages of 10 and 18.

CP is composed of two different programs. The first is the High School Program which is available to players between the ages of 14 and 18 with some experience at the high school or club level. New athletes are welcome, as there is no affiliation with any High School.

The High School aged program operates at two separate times during the year: Summer and Fall. The Fall Session is focused on fundamental skill building. The Summer Session is 3 months long through May, June, and July and is a more intensive and holistic training program.

The second program is available to players between the ages of 10 and 14. This program is open to all experience levels from first-time beginner to young experienced player. The program is available during 3 sessions: Fall, Spring, and Summer. All sessions are focused on fundamental skill building, and establishing an understanding of basic principles of all positions on the field. Availability is limited, and there may be tryouts held in order to narrow the applicant pool.

Why College Park instead of other travel programs?

Improvement and education are at the core of what College Park coaches emphasize. For that reason ALL practices will be conducted by not only the individual team’s coach, but also multiple roving instructors to account for a greater player/coach ratio. Practices will have a healthy balance of individual, positional and team instruction.

Our goal is for every player to get better every single time they step onto the field. We are not a win at all cost team or program. CP’s mission of development and safety take precedence before winning any particular tournament. Our goals are more long-term, centered toward developing kids as both players and people. We WILL NOT bring in kids to win random weekend tournaments, only add players should we be short -handed in order to compete. Instead we will take an interest in developing every kid that makes the teams.