Sofia Rodriguez, daughter of founder Mike Rodriguez and his wife Gina, was diagnosed with leukemia in November of 2015. Living out a parent’s worst nightmare, in the devastation of having their 3 year old daughter diagnosed with leukemia, they created their new motto #SofiaStrong.  #SofiaStrong embodies what we strive to be. Overcoming obstacles and challenges, giving all that we have, and never giving up. After over 2  grueling years of treatments that included chemotherapy, she was proclaimed to be in remission at the age of 5.  We, as an organization of players and coaches strive to be just like Sofia and the rest of the Rodriguez family, being #SofiaStrong.

With September being Pediatric Cancer Awareness month, we are going “gold”. The College Park Knights (ourselves a non-profit) are going gold and will donate to pediatric cancer awareness and efforts.  As College Park grows, we will continue to support pediatric cancer by having #SofiaStrong apparel sales (100% of the profits to pediatric cancer research), potential fundraisers, and donating College Park’s own money.

Currently we have donated $1252 toward pediatric cancer research!